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Content Creation

The drawing board. The best place to start. Creating Content takes time and thought. No one knows your business quite like you. Jaysen not only takes your ideas but builds upon them with knowledge about your target audience to create content that appeals to your selected audience. 

Getting Involved

Because this is your business/company, Jaysen wants you to have the opportunity to be involved every step of the way. Getting your approval and critique on creative content is a priority to Jaysen to Insure that your social media not only looks perfect, but reflects and integrates your ideas.


Consumers look for your passion. After all, it is your business/company, and who is more passionate about your company than you? Jaysen not only wants to communicate your passion to your consumers, but guarantee that his passion for his work will result in picture perfect posts and creations to take your social media to the next level. 

Staying Involved

Jaysen cares! He will see through and stick with each post and task until the end to help guide each campaign to it's potential success. Communication is key for these types of results. That's why Jaysen will keep you updated and involved on the creation and design of your social media platforms.